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*pnish* presents [TIME BOX]
a myu fandom RPG
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11th-Jul-2007 01:24 pm - Time Box update!
Wonder Leader
Now that we've gotten a few more actors interested in particpating in Time Box, it's time for an announcement from your Leader, Sano Daiki desu~!

The auditions for roles in Time Box are still open and waiting to be filled, so if you haven't taken the time to choose a part you feel yourself best suited for, please take a few minutes to check out the audition post and comment with your performance. There was a three day rule in effect previously, but I feel that the time was better spent with everyone getting to know each other and becoming familiar with the other actors' journals.

But now that we're (mostly) all here, it's time to get down to business and do what we came here for! Ganbarimasu~!

And on a final note, I've had some requests from people trying to join the pnish_timebox community who aren't RP journals, or with empty journals that haven't contacted me previously to tell me who they are. I wanted to make it clear that anyone is welcome to friend the community since there will be no locked posts, but only RP journals involved in the RP will be permitted membership. And if you have an RP journal and want to join, be sure to send me an email first so I know who you are!

That's all for now! Let's get this play underway!
8th-Jul-2007 07:12 pm - 顔合わせフォー!
sexy dearth
Aloha all!!

This is *pnish*'s fuku-leader, Moriyama Eiji here! I'm pumped for this upcoming production and the chance to realize one of the dreams I've had since first joining up with these guys--performing alongside them for all our fans on the stage of Aoyama Theater!

Iyaaa, it's hard to believe. I mean, not 6 months ago Tsuchiya and I were standing up there in that theater and--yeah, it was great and all, but it just wasn't a *pnish* production. To think that in just another couple of months we'll be back there in full force, it really makes me proud to call myself a member of this great troupe!

Okay okay, sappy time over! Back to Sexy Mode~

Daiki's busy working on the script, but for now I wanna give everyone a chance to get to know everyone else--and that means meet-and-greet! Sure, we know all you guys, but you don't necessarily know each other. So give us a little spiel about yourself, maybe some lesser-known-facts, something that'll make your potential fellow castmates and co-workers remember you!

I'll start off: Name's Moriyama Eiji, and I'm 3 months shy of the first anniversary of my 30th birthday. I'm fond of girly drinks (but I never said that) and my little sister had a crush on Johnny's Boy Sano Mizuki in middle school, how weird is that? Your brother scares me sometimes, daikichan.

Well, yoroshiku na!
Welcome to *pnish*'s newest play, Time Box!

Below you'll find information on the parts we have available as well as rules for auditioning and how to get involved in this role play extravaganza :D

Rules for character claiming and auditionsCollapse )

About Time BoxCollapse )

Cast ListingCollapse )

Character BiosCollapse )

Just remember, all parts are first-come-first-serve, so if there's an actor and a character you feel strongly about claming, be sure to get your journal information emailed in ASAP and post your audition in a comment to this post in order to be casted! On behalf of all the members of *pnish*, we look forward to working with you and making this play our best one yet!
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